amish fall harvest tour


It's time to reap what is sown, and share it with friends and family.   Amish Heritage Tours invites you to join The Amish Fall Harvest Tour for a fun harvest, filled with food, singing, and laughter.  The beautiful fall colors of the Amish countryside, food prepared from family recipes, the beautifully handcrafted Amish goods and products, and the rich culture and tradition of the people will not only give you more reason to be thankful, but will bless you with a lasting memory of good times. These memories of Amish country are yours to take back home and share with your family and loved ones for the holiday season and beyond. A glimpse of some of the real experiences and venues are shown below.  You can contact us anytime for more information. Thank you and see you soon.

sample itinerary

There is nothing quite like enjoying the local colorful pumpkin patches found all over Amish country.  Choose your shape and size of pumpkin, squash or gourd.  Indulge in the fall homemade food and cider in the area.


A unique and fun way to enjoy the magnificent fall color here in Ohio's Amish country is through an  Amish buggy ride. Enjoy spectacular colors that clothe the landscape as you ride through it (take plenty of pictures to share during your holidays).


The Amish handmade candles are perfect for home decor, or personal use, with their sweet aroma. They make a perfect holiday gifts.


Enjoy the bountiful harvest of local orchards, filled with several varieties of Amish homegrown apples - complete with all kinds of apple goods their freshly made hot and cold apple cider, apple cider slush, and much more. Their platform balconies overlooking the orchards, with the spectacular fall colors that cover the landscape, is perfect for creating your holiday picture, or just enjoy the trees and flowers before they hibernate for the winter.


Handmade, handcrafted Amish furniture is perfect to cozy up to, especially during the holiday season. Their beauty and craftsmanship are a conversation starter, and the furniture will last for a very long time - reminding you of the beautiful fall you spent here in Holmes County.


When most of the summer flowers are done, fall mums will give you the natural beauty and color that you need right at your doorstep. Choose the shape, size, and color of your choice and let its beauty lift your spirits.


Let your cup overflow with the different varieties of locally produced wines of Ohio's Amish Country. Taste and pick the wine of your choice while you sit on the patio overlooking the vineyard surrounded by all of the colors of the fall. Its unique taste will be admired around your table, and nothing says "heartfelt" like giving a bottle or two to someone special for the holidays.,


Before the winter sets in, and hibernation starts, satisfy your love for animals and the great outdoors by hand-feeding the different  animals at The Farm at Walnut Creek.


Visiting a buggy shop that dots Amish Country is an unique experience that you can add to the list you've accomplished this year. You'll  cherish the memories.


Handmade, and beautifully crafted, Amish baskets to put winter wood in, to make gift baskets with, to serve food with, or just to be used as home decor, is an easy way to add a personal touch. Its functionality, and the personal memories associated with a basket being made for you will serve you well this holiday and beyond.


Buy something unique and special at the many antique and craft stores in Ohio's Amish Country, as a remembrance of your visit, or for personal use. Its the easiest way to tell someone special in your life how valuable and precious they are to you.


Pioneer Equipment, with the special experiences it offers, will surely add to the list of things you are thankful for this holiday.


An Amish house tour will be one of the highlights of things you do and learn during the year. It will remind you of the value of life, family, and love this holiday and longer.


You can visit one of the local Amish buggy shops, and see first-hand how buggies are made as you are guided by the Amish shop owner. Then share the stories with your friends when you get back home.


Homemade fall chocolate will definitely be on the list of things you are thankful for this Thanksgiving. They are instant mood brighteners, and make perfect holiday gifts.


Come and enjoy the different Amish homemade foods prepared from family recipes, then take the recipe home. There is nothing like food to connect people, and we're sure everybody will gather around and bond over your food during the holidays.


An Amish barn raising, often done in one day, is about community and family coming together for a common purpose.  It is a perfect story to tell, and serves as a perfect holiday metaphor.


This school session is almost over and the children are excited for the holiday. Visiting an Amish school is always heart warming and reinvigorating.


Cozy up under a beautiful Amish handmade quilt this holiday.  This cultural masterpiece will surely bring warmth and color to your life.


Experiencing Amish broom making is something you will remember for a long time. One of many local Amish artisans in the area.


Amish Church cookies!! Embrace your inner child as you can enjoy this tasty treat.


The exquisite Amish handcrafted leather goods of local shops, created with family craftsmanship, will last a very long  time. Another example of fine Amish family owned and operated shops located here in Holmes county.


While remembering the traditions and history of holidays this time of year, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, learn about the history and traditions of the plain  people by visiting Behalt....experiencing it through their cyclorama. 


Enjoy a homemade soft pretzel (or popcorn), freshly made by Naomi at a local store, while relaxing under the pergola and taking in the surrounding beauty of Ohio's Amish Country. 


There are many places, like Heini's Kase Haus (Cheese House) and Guggisberg Cheese, where you can pick the cheese of your choice.  Heini's, for example, has been here for generations.  Known for their Baby Swiss, Heini's actually has 80 different flavors of cheese.  Enjoy sampling your favorite,  and take some home to add that special touch to your holiday meal.


There is little more picture perfect than an Amish covered bridge, especially one filled with with history.  Add the interesting story behind your picture.


These church wagons are used to move the backless benches, prayer books, hymnals, and place settings for the church meal from home to home. It's interesting information as you share your visit memories with friends and family. 


Amish medicinal herbs and ointments are a simple and sufficient way to stop indigestion, control calories and stomach ache, and so much more. Talk about Amish traditions....home remedies can be added to the list.


You can get all the ingredients and supplies you need for your holiday cooking and baking at many of the Amish bulk food stores dotting the hillsides of Holmes County.


Nothing like the aroma of freshly baked goods coming from any one of our local Amish owned bakeries.  Take some home - the taste will have you drolling for more.


Enjoy fall items in their array of colors - like these pumpkins and mums.


And of course your day wouldn't be complete without some fresh, non-pasteurized, right from the apple, cider (hot or cold - it's all good!)


As we travel the backroads between venues, you will be in awe of the beauty in Holmes County's Amish Country.


Our back roadside stands sell fresh seasonal items, displayed and paid for on the "honor system".


We are so blessed to have the fall beauty surround us - a painting from heaven, yours to enjoy while traveling many of our backroad splendors.




ohio star theater




Spend a fun-filled, family-friendly time enjoying a memorable performance at the Ohio Star Theater. From unforgettable characters to old-fashioned simplicity and non-stop laughter, this is the place to let your heart sing and your spirit soar.  See show information under each seasonal listing on this website.  Enjoy an all-you-can-eat, family-style meal in an Amish home, capped off with a wonderful Amish country show.  I would be glad to book an all-inclusive package for you.

Click here for a video tour of the theater

"A SIMPLE SANCTUARY" showing August 23 - November 9


She prayed the day would never come, but when her past comes calling, Melissa James has no choice but to flee. Pursued and living on the run, she finds desperate sanctuary in Amish country. Part suspense, part romance, Sanctuary is a compelling story of revenge, the price of freedom, and the solace found in the sanctuary of true community.

Simple sanctuary trailer

"THE CHRISTMAS TREE SHIP" showing Nov. 19 - Dec. 28

A ship. A storm. And one family's unsinkable mission to rescue Christmas for their Chicago community. This new musical is inspired by the true story of the Rouse-Simmons, the most famous of the historic Christmas Tree Ships.

The Christmas tree ship trailer

Not much changes here - Except you.

Scenic drives. Slow walks. Shared meals.

 Let tradition be your guide.

other great venues

Amish Country Theater, Victorian House,  Holmes County Flea Market, Walnut Creek Flea Market, David Warther Museum, Warther Museum of Dover, Lehman Hardware, Sol's Exchange, Age of Steam Roundhouse, the world's largest coo coo clock, local wineries, The Biblewalk, Roscoe Village, and many, many more.

Restaurants include Amish Door, Der Dutchman, Farmstead, Dutch Valley, Chalet in the Valley, Boyd and Wurthman, Plain and Simple, and many more.

Primary lodging includes Comfort Suites and Conference Center of Berlin, Comfort Inn of Millersburg, and Zinck's Inn of Berlin (see the link on the bottom of the home page).  Contact Jen Rengel at, or call 330-893-7400 for group bookings.

local events of the season

Holmes County Fair - August

Berlin Harvest & Rib Fest - September

Singing on the Square. Fridays in Berlin

Quilt Show - September

Charm Days - October

Pumpkin Patches