Amish spring awakening tour


Finally, it's spring again!  The new year brings a new you, who can once again resume to grow, explore the outside world, and smell the spring flowers.  As the growing season starts, we invite you to join The Amish Spring Awakening Tour to learn and enjoy Amish experiences.  The Amish life takes it's root and sprouts largely from the Amish Church and beliefs.  Appropriately, the highlight of the tour is the opportunity to enjoy the Amish Church experiences.  

As you enjoy the food, the rich culture, and heritage, you will learn the "why and how" things are done, the history, and about the daily lives of the Amish people.  The experience will not only awaken a new-found appreciation of the culture, but enrich your own.  A glimpse of some of the real experiences, and venues are shown below.  You can contact us anytime for more information.  Thank you and see you soon.

Sample itinerary

Amish Church cookies!! Guests on the  Spring Awakening Tour will start their day enjoying the delicious Amish Church cookie, while the guide explains the unique history of it.


Behalt (to "behold").  At this stop you will learn the history of the Amish and Mennonites through the historical cyclorama  painting.


Next, follow the Amish Church Wagon to learn more about Amish church services.


There are great venues where you can enjoy a tour of an Amish home, experience a buggy ride, and even do a little shopping.


Experience an Amish Church lunch, guided and expatiated on the significance of it by a Bishop and your personal guide


One of the many things Amish are known for is their quilts.  You can spend time enjoying these handmade works of art at one of our many quilt shops.


You can visit one of the local Amish buggy shops and see first hand how buggies are made as you are guided by the Amish shop owner.


Homemade candy to satisfy your sweet tooth!  While visiting  an Amish family owned and operated candy shop, experience dipping some of your own. 


Your journey through Amish country visiting authentic Amish owned and operated businesses can include a visit to a broom maker, where you will meet the owner as she demonstrates the making of a broom.


Ah, cheese......everyone likes it. Taste and choose the famous Amish cheese of your choice. There is a rich culinary history passed from generation to generation. Nibble your way through as you learn about their unique flavor and taste.


Visit a local Amish family owned and operated business, employing nearly 50 Amish to build horse drawn farm implements.  You will get a guided tour through the facility.  Find out how they generate their own power on site to run the manufacturing plant.


Visit an Amish basket maker at her own private home, located on a small back road.  While there she will demonstrate the making of a basket.  You can browse her shop, where you can purchase any of her handcrafted items. Absolutely a "must see" stop.  Authentic Amish experience doesn't come any better than this.


 The exquisite Amish handcrafted leather at a family owned and operated leather shop is yet another sought-after product in Ohio's Amish Country.  You will enjoy the personable environment as the owner shares their family background with you. Browse the family store for many unique leather items. 


Amish are also known for their candle making. You can watch a demo of making a candle at an Amish owned candle shop, or make your own.


There are many bulk food stores to choose from in the area that will satisfy your needs. For example, Walnut Creek Cheese has a little of everything...bulk foods, meats, baked goods, kitchen gadgets, jams and jellies, and much, much more.  The highlight is the homemade ice cream!  A stop here is not complete without having some!  Or try one of their "stacks" for lunch in the Mudd Valley Cafe (this is one of the local favorites).


As you travel the back roads with your personal local heritage step-on guide, you will have the opportunity to see several Amish buggy shops dotting the countryside.


Homemade Amish pretzels.  One word - delicious!  You can satisfy your taste buds with the best homemade pretzels anywhere.  Soft, warm, and tasty to say the least.


Follow Stutzman's Crossing, as you cross through the covered bridge.  You will learn of Amish culture, traditions, and heritage as you experience the story of Der Weiss Jonas (Troy's fifth great grandfather), the first Amishman settling Holmes County, now the largest Amish settlement in the world.


Stopping at Hershberger Farm and Bakery is a "must do".  You'll know you're at the right place when you see all of the flowers, and of course the goats on the roof (Yes, that's right).  While here, shop seasonal produce, baked items, and treat yourself to Popcorn John's kettle corn , made right before your eyes.


Shop and eat your way through the charming small shops and eateries at your own pace in Berlin, Walnut Creek, or the quaint town of Charm.


 Amish handcrafted, hardwood, quality furniture is prized.  There are dozens of fine furniture shops to choose from. You can experience a guided tour through the production process, and then visit their retail shop.  


No visit to Ohio's Amish Country would be complete without indulging in an all-you-can-eat homemade family style meal hosted at an Amish home.  You won't leave hungry.


At the many flower shops and beautiful, meticulous gardens, that the area is known for, you have the option of making your own, buying a handcrafted flower arrangement, or just admiring their splendor. 


Enjoy a scrumptious cinnamon twist, a cheese tart, or one of many other fresh homemade donuts and breads at the Amish back road bakeries. The aroma even fills the parking lot, whisking past you the moment you step off the coach.


Amish weddings are an intricate part of the Amish community.  Your tour can include an Amish Wedding feast, where you will enjoy one of our well known meals in an Amish hom

ohio star theater




Spend a fun-filled, family-friendly time enjoying a memorable performance at the Ohio Star Theater. From unforgettable characters to old-fashioned simplicity and non-stop laughter, this is the place to let your heart sing and your spirit soar.  See show information under each seasonal listing on this website.  Enjoy an all-you-can-eat, family-style meal in an Amish home, capped off with a wonderful Amish country show.  I would be glad to book an all-inclusive package for you.

Click here for a video tour of the theater

"STOLEN" showing April 9 - August 15


A small Pennsylvania community is shaken when the infant son of a prominent Amish family is kidnapped.  As accusations fly and everyone comes under suspicion, a skilled but skittish detective, Foster Bates, takes on the case.  With no leads and frustrations mounting, the case goes cold. Twenty years later the town is thrust into turmoil again when Naomi Fisher decides to reopen the case and discover who kidnapped her little brother.  Throw in an out-of-town reporter and a cast of colorful characters, and you've got an old-fashioned whodunit that's full of laughter, drama, and surprises. series.

trailer of "stolen"


Not much changes here - Except you.

Scenic drives. Slow walks. Shared meals.

Let tradition be your guide.

other great venues

Amish Country Theater, Victorian House, Holmes County Flea Market, Walnut Creek Flea Market, David Warther Museum, Warther Museum of Dover, Lehman Hardware, Sol's Exchange, the world's largest coo coo clock, local wineries, The Biblewalk, Roscoe Village, and many more.

Restaurants include Amish Door, Der Dutchman, Farmstead, Dutch Valley, Chalet in the Valley, Boyd and Wurthman, Plain and Simple, and many more.

Primary lodging includes Comfort Suites and Conference Center of Berlin, Comfort Inn of Millersburg, and Zinck's Inn of Berlin (see the link on the bottom of the home page).  Contact Jen Rengel at, or call 330-893-7400 for group bookings.

local events of the season.

                                     Barnstorming in Berlin - April                    

                                     East Holmes Fire Dept. Fish Fry - May