the amish summer oasis getaway


Summer is upon us, and it's time to take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily lives.  Join The Amish Summer Oasis Getaway Tour for a fun and unique summer experience.  The peaceful and beautiful countryside of Holmes County, with flowers and animals, home grown and homemade Amish food, beautifully handcrafted Amish goods and products, and the rich culture and tradition of the Amish people will de-stress, relax, and rejuvenate you, and will be a calm oasis to your body, mind, and soul.  You deserve a great and wonderful vacation, and that is exactly what we plan for you.   A glimpse of some of the real experiences, and venues are shown below.  You can contact us anytime for more information.  Thank you and see you soon. 

Sample itinerary

Nature's miracle


You can't get any closer to nature than you do at The Farm at Walnut Creek.  Here you get to feed different species of exotic animals, enjoy the beauty of the natural landscape, and learn and experience how an Amish farm is run.


Smell the fragrance, touch the texture, and enjoy the vivid colors and beauty of Amish flowers located all around the area.  You have the option of making your own flower arrangement, buy ready-made, or just enjoy their splendor.


A lazy stroll around the idyllic and scenic landscape of the Amish countryside, accompanied by the songs of birds, is not only rejuvenating for the body, but calms the mind and soul.


The age-old traditional Amish medicinal herbs and ointments  will unveil the power of nature like you've never known before. Learn and experience the healing power of mother nature, and take knowledge and nature  home for you and your loved ones.


Experience the thrill and joy of an Amish buggy ride.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful scene around you.


 Stopping by to shop and pet the animals at Hershberger Farm and Bakery is a "must do".  You'll know you're at the right place when you see all of the flowers, and of course the goats on the roof (Yes, that's right).  While here shop seasonal produce, baked items, and treat yourself to Popcorn John's kettle corn, made right before your eyes. 

Comfort Suites and Conference Center of Berlin


After a successful, fun-filled day, it's time to unwind in your "home away from home".  Enjoy the cool summer evening breeze as you sit on the front porch with a bowl of freshly made Amish homemade ice cream. Indulge your senses with the songs of the many country birds, and the clip clop  of  a buggy passing by.  As the luminous orange sun falls to sleep before your eyes, why not play a game or two with friends and loved ones, take a dip in the spacious hot tub and pool, or reminisce about the beautiful day in the lounge.  We are located in the heart of Berlin.



Food is the universal experience, and connects people in a "forever" sort of way.  Amish food and eateries located all over the area featuring homemade, hand sliced dishes coming directly from the Amish garden to your plate, will do just that.


  Amish weddings are an intricate part of the Amish community.  Your tour can include an Amish Wedding feast, where you will enjoy one of our well known meals in an Amish hom 


 Homemade candy to satisfy your sweet tooth!  While visiting  an Amish family owned and operated candy shop, experience dipping some of your own.  


  Ah, cheese......everyone likes it. Taste and choose the famous Amish cheese of your choice. There is a rich culinary history passed from generation to generation. Nibble your way through as you learn about their unique flavor and taste. 


   Amish Church cookies!! Guests on the  Summer Oasis Tour will start their day enjoying the delicious Amish Church cookie, while the guide explains the unique history of it.


Enjoy fresh Amish homemade ice cream, smothered with seasonal fruit toppings.


Local orchards provide a large variety of apples, and apple hot or cold fresh homemade apple cider!  Enjoy an awesome view from their balcony platforms overlooking the apple orchards.  Stock up on seasonal locally homegrown produce.


  Experience an Amish Church lunch, guided and expatiated on the significance of it by a Bishop and your personal guide.  


Local home grown grapes help to make the wines in Amish Country second to none.  Come and enjoy your own taste of wine while relaxing on the grounds, overlooking the vineyards.   


 Homemade Amish pretzels. You can satisfy your taste buds with the best homemade pretzels anywhere.  Sit under the pergola to enjoy your soft, warm, and tasty freshly made pretzel.


 Enjoy a scrumptious cinnamon twist, a cheese tart, or one of many other fresh homemade donuts and breads at the back road bakeries.  The aroma even fills the parking lot, whisking past you the moment you step off the coach. 


Enjoy a variety of summer dishes at any one of our local restaurants featuring Amish style cooking.

Retail Therapy


  One of the many things Amish are known for is their quilts.  You can spend time enjoying these handmade works of art at one of our many quilt shops. 


 Visit a basket maker at her own private home, located on a small back road.  While there she will demonstrate the making of a basket.  You can browse her shop, where you can purchase any of her handcrafted items. Absolutely a "must see" stop.  Authentic Amish experience doesn't come any better than this.


 Amish handcrafted, hardwood, quality furniture is prized.  There are dozens of fine furniture shops to choose from. You can even have a guided tour through the production process, and then visit their retail shop. 


 Authentic, handmade leather goods right before you.  Everything from tack to belts to purses and just about anything else leather at our Amish family owned leather shops.  Even the smell of the leather as it is being handcrafted is enchanting. 


Watch a demo of the crafting of an Amish handmade candle while visiting with the Amish owners at local candle shops.  You may even want to try to make your own.


If antiquing is your thing, you have found the right place.  We have many antique and craft shops nestled in the hills of Ohio's Amish Country.


Summertime is here, and so are the Amish auctions.  You can find all kinds of auctions happening around us.  Each  are filled with lots special and unique items for sale.  Enjoy the food, and all of the fun things happening around the Amish auctioneers.


 Shop and eat your way through the charming small shops and eateries at your own pace in Berlin, Walnut Creek, or the quaint town of Charm. 


Bulk food stores and local Amish butcher shops are plentiful in Ohio's Amish Country.  For the day trips, bring your cooler so you can take home fresh, pasture raised  meats, and other items.  "From local Amish farms to your table."

Amish history and artisans


To learn even more about the Amish culture and traditions, experience a personally guided tour through an Amish home, as your guide injects personal stories of the home, and family in it.


 As you travel the back roads with your personal local heritage step-on guide, you will have the opportunity to see several Amish buggy shops dotting the countryside. 


Time spent with real experience artisans, such as local broom makers is so invigorating.  Not only will these stops be heartwarming, they will enlighten you to a whole other lifestyle.


Community spirit, and helping those during a time of need is not random.  It is a way of life among the Amish and Mennonite culture.   One way that it often happens is at an Amish barn raising where hundreds come together to finish a barn after a fire - often in ONE day. 


Pioneer Equipment is another Amish owned and operated business.  Here they manufacture horse drawn implements.  Enjoy a tour through this facility, and learn how it's all done without electric from "the grid".


  The countryside is dotted with over 200 one room school houses.  You might even catch a glimpse of the scholars outside during recess.


With all of the buggies around, you would think there must be "buggy makers".  Well, there are, and you can visit one to further your Amish experience even more.


  These church wagons are used by the Amish to supply church needs. 


Behalt, meaning to "behold", or to "remember," will further your knowledge of the Amish and Mennonite history, and it may even give you insight into some of your background.  Learn while touring the 265 foot historic cyclorama mural.

Ohio star theater presents


"STOLEN" showing April 9 - August 15


A small Pennsylvania community is shaken when the infant son of a prominent Amish family is kidnapped.  As accusations fly and everyone comes under suspicion, a skilled but skittish detective, Foster Bates, takes on the case.  With no leads and frustrations mounting, the case goes cold. Twenty years later the town is thrust into turmoil again when Naomi Fisher decides to reopen the case and discover who kidnapped her little brother.  Throw in an out-of-town reporter and a cast of colorful characters, and you've got an old-fashioned whodunit that's full of laughter, drama, and surprises. series.

Trailer of Stolen

"A SIMPLE SANCTUARY" showing August 23 - November 9


She prayed the day would never come, but when her past comes calling, Melissa James has no choice but to flee. Pursued and living on the run, she finds desperate sanctuary in Amish country. Part suspense, part romance, Sanctuary is a compelling story of revenge, the price of freedom, and the solace found in the sanctuary of true community.

Simple sanctuary trailer

Age of Steam Roundhouse



Needing a place to safely store and restore his fleet of railroad old-timers, Jerry Jacobson acquired 34 acres of farm land located immediately adjacent to the Ohio Central Railroad main line track, and right alongside a road named Smokey Lane (how appropriate!). Located just 2-1/2 miles south of the village of Sugarcreek (notice that the village spells its name with one word), the Age of Steam Roundhouse site is surrounded by picturesque Amish farms with their horse-drawn buggies, plows and reapers. What a beautiful sight it will be for draft horses and their iron brethren to labor and cavort in juxtaposed pastures.

On this land Jerry and his staff have overseen the construction of storage tracks, a store house, coal dock, wood water tank, ash pit, back shop and the jewel of the site, a complete, working, 18-stall, brick roundhouse surrounding a 115-foot turntable and turntable pit. Other than a few, small roundhouses recently built for railroad museums, we believe that this is the first full-sized, working roundhouse built in the U.S. since 1951 (NKP in Calumet, Illinois).

other great venues

Amish Country Theater, Victorian House,  Holmes County Flea Market, Walnut Creek Flea Market, David Warther Museum, Warther Museum of Dover, Lehman Hardware, Sol's Exchange, the world's largest coo coo clock, local wineries, The Biblewalk, Roscoe Village, and many, many more.

Restaurants include Amish Door, Der Dutchman, Farmstead, Dutch Valley, Chalet in the Valley, Boyd and Wurthman, Plain and Simple, and many more.

Primary lodging includes Comfort Suites and Conference Center of Berlin, Comfort Inn of Millersburg, and Zinck's Inn of Berlin (see the link on the bottom of the home page).  Contact Jen Rengel at, or call 330-893-7400 for group bookings.

local events of the season

                       Community Sale Barns/Auctions - continuously

                      Singing on the Square in Berlin - Friday nights

                      Amish Country Donuts in Berlin - Thursday mornings

                      Cripple Children Fundraiser - June

                       Doughty Valley School Sale - June

                      Sol's Amish Craft Show - June

                     "Moo-Fest" in Berlin - June

                     Cookbook Extravaganza - July

                    Rainbow of Hope Fundraiser - July

                    Antique Steam and Engine Show - July

                     Doughty Valley Steam Days - July

                    East Holmes Firefighter's Festival - July

                    Haiti Sale - July

                    Truck Parade in Berlin - July

                    Kidney Fund Sale - July

                    Mennonite Relief Sale - August

                    Antiques in the Alley - August